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Affordable Refinance Programs from Houzzle Financial

Do you want to pay less interest, reduce your monthly mortgage payment, finance major home improvements or just shorten the time it takes to pay off your home? Affordable refinance programs from the Houzzle Financial could be the answer to getting more value out of your current home.

Affordable Refinance Programs

Refinancing your home mortgage can seem overwhelming. Options range from a 30-year fixed mortgage loan to a 5-year adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loan to FHA and HUD refinancing options to VA loans and more. When you refinance your home loan through The Harbin Loans Team, we deliver:

– A hassle-free loan process
– No hidden fees or hidden closing costs
– Industry leading mortgage rates
– Home Affordable Refinance Programs – (HARP) loans

To bring you cost savings even sooner, Houzzle Financial also maintains our very own on-site loan processing, underwriting, closing and funding staff. With all of these resources available in-house, we can complete your mortgage refinancing in an average time of 21 days. Houzzle Financial is a direct lender, approved by HUD. Refinance your home with a low mortgage rate by calling (770) 897-5626 to speak with one of our loan experts. Affordable refinance programs are just a phone call away. Call (770)897-5626 to learn about our mortgage refinancing process and your different loan options. Virginia disclaimer: by refinancing a consumer’s existing loan, the consumer’s total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

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